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Mrs R Ganie


Welcome to the Livingstone High School Website. These pages will attempt to give insight to life as a Livingstone learner and show you what wonderful experiences and opportunities are on offer at our school.

While it is impossible to capture the true spirit of a place electronically, particularly a school, you will get a sense of what it is we stand for, what we consider important, what our learners enjoy and how they experience life at Livingstone.

What does it mean to be a Livingstonian?

To be a Livingstonian means to always move with pride and integrity, to question and think critically, to be more than just a student, to remember and respect the importance of the whole as opposed to the individual. To be a Livingstonian means to have an excellent work ethic, someone who wears their uniform proudly and with dignity, one who conducts him/herself with respect and makes an impact on society when they leave. Being a Livingstonian means to stay disciplined as well as being consistent in all you do. To be helpful and helping to elevate people’s consciousness, is well rounded and celebrates others. To be a Livingstonian means to LEAD and NOT FOLLOW.

We believe in our school as a place that offers a unique space for learners to develop at their own pace and catering for their own individual needs. We believe we have environments where learners can express themselves properly and we can tackle issues important to their development as good young men and women in a safe space. We believe in the all-round development of young men and women to be the best version of themselves. This development needs not only be academic, sporting and cultural, through the many activities on offer, but also spiritually and emotionally as we strive to help our learners on this journey to adulthood.

As the Principal of Livingstone High School, I welcome you warmly to the school and look forward to engaging with you in the times ahead.


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