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Our mission is to be an excellent and diverse South African public co-educational high school for the community it serves and to create a safe and healthy learning environment that provides each learner with the greatest possibility to reach his/her full potential.

We stand for:

  • Equal respect and love for all people

  • Love for truth, justice and life-long learning

  • Respect for hard work and excellence

  • Respect for the rights of others and the good of the community

  • In all things to uphold the dignity of mankind

To achieve this mission, we aim to:

  • provide an education that will develop the potential and individuality of each learner;

  • promote the values of tolerance and respect for all;

  • Engender a balance between rights and responsibilities;

  • Promote a safe and healthy environment for all members of the school community;

  • Build a multi-cultural school community characterised by mutual respect, and inclusivity;

  • Build a caring, involved and creative school community;

  • Nurture hard work in a disciplined and healthy environment;

  • Maintain a balance between academic, cultural, social and sporting activities;

  • Foster excellence and possibility in learners;

  • Challenge problems and find creative and innovative solutions; and

  • Equip all pupils with the skills, qualities and values necessary to participate effectively in a common future with all South Africans.

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