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My name is Mrs Hassen and have been a mathematics teacher at Livingstone High School since 1 January 2006. I currently teach pure mathematics to grades 10, 11and 12.  My passion is imparting my knowledge of mathematics to learners and to see how they eventually grasp especially challenging concepts.



Principal from 2021.
I have over 30 years teaching experience of which 28 years is at Livingstone High. 
I am an Accounting specialist educator.
When it comes to the needs of our children, I believe in a holistic and proactive approach. I oversee the Welfare Society and our purpose is to provide aid to those who find themselves in a  vulnerable position. 
Majors Accounting; Business Economics; Economics; Typing.

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My name is Roslyn Downes.  I have taught at Strandfontein High, Belhar High, and for the past 16 years, I have been an educator at Livingstone High. I taught subjects including History,  Geography, Accounting, Business Economics, Economics and Management Sciences, and Home Economics. I have been involved in the coaching of the Quizz teams at Livingstone High for both the Argus and Cape Times Quizz competitions. I have completed a B. A. degree and HDE at UWC and a B.  ED degree at UCT. I have also studied towards a B. Com Law degree with UNISA. In my spare time, I do outreach work in the community by helping with fundraising for Old Age facilities and Orphanages. I enjoy going to the theatre to see ballet and other dance forms. I also have a love for jazz music.



My name is Tahseen Chetty, and I teach FET mathematics at Livingstone High. I teach grade 10 and 11 Mathematics and grade 12 Mathematics Literacy. I have B Ed in Mathematics and Natural Sciences and hope to expand my education to enrich myself and my learners.


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My name is Zayaan Behardien and I am a 29-year-old English teacher.  I have a BA degree, with a double major in Psychology and English.  After that, I went on to do my PGCE, where I did my teaching methods in both English and Life Orientation.  I started my teaching career at Livingstone High School, which I also happened to attend back in the day. So this school, along with its teacher, has an extraordinary place in my heart. I also belong to the admissions committee of the school.



My name is Yusrah Moolajie. I have 5 years teaching experience. I teach geography grades 9-12. My passion is making sure the well being of learners are seen to so they can flourish academically. This is why I am currently doing my honors in educational psychology. I am part of the following committees: admissions, awards (grade 8-11), and grade 8 committee. I currently have a BA degree and PGCE majoring in geography and life orientation.



My name is Yolanda Barthus.  I am a qualified teacher with thirty-one years’ teaching experience in South Africa, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and a four year Higher Diploma in Education.   I teach Geography to grades 8, 9 and 10 and History to grade 8. I am a teacher who loves to create a sense of excitement and curiosity in the learning environment.  I ensure that learning promotes higher-order thinking and student-centered learning according to students’ needs, abilities, and cultural backgrounds. I am passionate about boosting the quality of teaching and learning.

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I am Warda Riley. I was a student at Livingstone and came back to LHS in 2004 to teach mathematics grade 8, 9 and 10 and natural sciences grade 8 and 9. I now teach natural sciences, life sciences and mathematics. I feel passionate about children. I feel all kids are different and the way to a child's heart is to treat them with love, kindness, fairness and respect. I am an acting HOD. I run the examinations with a very dynamic team of EA's. I am part of the Admissions Committee and I run Grade 10 Subject Streaming. I am also part of the Timetabling committee. I also do subject changes from grade 10 to 12 and place new learners to the school in classes. I studied at UCT. I hold a BSc (majors Oceanography and Zoology) degree and a Med Honours (Biological Anthropology) degree. I also did my PGCE (natural science and physical science) through Unisa.



Miss Tiffany Masters
A former student at Livingstone High School (Matric class of 2001). I began my teaching career at Livingstone in 2008 and have enjoyed being part of a dynamic English Department for 13 years. My passion is development of the learner as a well rounded individual and have been part of many student development initiatives at the school. I am a member of the Prefect Committee, Awards Committee (Grade 12), and assistant Grade 12 Grade Leader. I also assist with the newly formed Drama Society.
I hold a Bachelor's of Arts in English and Political Studies and PGCE specializing in FET English and History.

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I am Sedicka Safodien and I provide administrative support to management and staff.  My portfolio includes: Cemis, Admissions, Learning and Teaching Support Material and Social Media.  I am a second year Bachelors of Education student with an interest in Inclusive Education, which is the early identification of barriers in learning and learning disabilities, and the support thereof.  My other interest is food production and seed saving, for which I received a Certificate in Permaculture in 2017.



My name is Thameenah Abrahams and I currently teach English to grades 8 and 9. I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Arabic, English Literature and Linguistics) at UCT. After months of trying to convert my love for the written word into a career path, I pursued my Postgraduate Certificate in Education with a specialisation in English and teaching English in a multilingual context.

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My name is Lamida Thomas, I have 21 years teaching experience.  I have been at Livingstone High School for the past 16 years.  Teaching Natural Science grade8-9, Life Sciences grade  10-12 and Physical Sciences grade 10.        BSc,  PGCE


Acting Deputy Principal

Acting Deputy Principal - Academics and Assessment from 2021.
I have had the privilege of teaching young people for more than thirty five years of which I currently teach English and Life Orientation. 
I am also the convenor of the Current Affairs Society (CAS) whose purpose is a vehicle to remind learners to uphold the the ethos of dignity for all people, irrespective of their origin. We must also aspire to be uncompromising in our demand for quality education for all and to enable them to fulfil their dreams.

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I am Ms. J. Van Der Poel.
With this being my second year at Livingstone High School, I teach Life Orientation to grade 8, and Mathematics to grades 8 and 9.
I strive to create a positive learning environment that ensures learners excell in their understanding of Mathematics.
BEd (Mathematics and Natural Sciences)



Hello.  My name is Lisa Bresler. I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator with a firm belief that through quality education, our children will thrive and realise their true potential.   I have over 10 years experience in teaching Accounting and Economic Management Sciences.  I have a passion for Athletics and Netball where I strive to encourage learners to have greater self-belief and confidence.  I am currently a Western Cape Coastal WP Player coach and umpire. 
PGCE, Accounting,  Economic Management Science. 
School Committee, Prefect, Sports, Grade 8 Leader.
Sports: Netball, Athletics.

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My name is Sibongile Ingrid  Nkala. I'm currently a Secretary at Livingstone High School for the past 4 years. I serve on the School Governing Body (SGB), Disciplinary committee and the Fincom committee. I'm also involved in the schools library. I enjoy working with people and love my work very much.


Subject Head - Mathematics

My name is Ebrahim Harris. I am teaching Mathematics with 33 years’ experience. With my love and passion for the beauty of Mathematics and teaching of the subject, I strive to share the same vigour with the learners and staff of Livingstone High School. I constantly do research and, hence compile a Mathematics book for grades 10-12 annually.

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Subject Head - Life Sciences

My name is Julia Schroeder. 

I am a senior teacher with over 20 years experience. I have been teaching at Livingstone High School for more than 16 years. 

I have marked external Life Sciences for the WCED matric exams for many years.

I am the school co-ordinator for the WPBTS blood clinic.  I am also part of the Admissions Committee at LHS.

I am enthusiastic about my subject and hope to impart that passion to my    learners.

BSc(Zoology); HDE (teacher's diploma)

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I have been the bursar at Livingstone since 2008.  I assist the principal with financial matters. I handle payments to service providers and prepare statements and invoices for school fees. I'm also on the Finance Committee and part of the senior management team.

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Chandré Fredericks

Afrikaans Gr. 8-12

I am determined to assist our learners in becoming critical thinkers, skilled, successful, well informed, responsible citizens of our country who continually strive for excellence. My duty as an educator goes beyond the classroom. I aim to provide our learners with the necessary tools to thrive and advance in society. I'm grateful for the platform to provide our learners with mentoring in academics, sport and music. I continually strive to deliver quality education and remain committed to the growth of my learners.

Head of Volleyball

Sport coach: Netball, Volleyball, Athletics and Cricket (girls)

Prosum Champion

Committees: Prosum, Prefect, Sports. 

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I am Diolene Granger I teach Afrikaans E. A. T Grade 10, Life Orientation Grade 12 and Physical Education Grade 8-12.
I am the Sports Coordinator for the school and I coordinate and coach Table Tennis as well. 
I am currently part of the admissions and grade8 - 11 awards committee.
I teach because I have a deep love for children and their growth. I believe in the holistic development of  children so that they can be excellent in all areas of their lives and also to encourage responsible, respectful and well rounded individuals.



My name is Candyce Titus and I have been teaching for 9 years. I am passionate about social issues and hence I teach History and Life Orientation. I am also involved with student leadership and Girls' Soccer.
B.Soc. Sci ( UCT). B. Soc. Sci. Honours (UCT). PGCE (UNISA).

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Cheerful Woman with Glasses



My name is Dr Carmen Frantz-Swile. I have been teaching Natural Sciences and Life Sciences since 2018. Prior to teaching i was a dentist from 2009-2017. I have a passion for sciences and biology, especially anatomy.
I hold the position of first aid and health officer.
Qualifications: BA (UCT), PGDM (Marketing), BChD (UWC), PGCE (UWC).



I am Ms. N. Basson. I joined the Livingstone High School family in 2022. I am an educator and mentor. I teach Afrikaans First Additional Language to grades 8, 9 and 10. I have a passion for reading and writing poetry. I strive to help all of my leaners grow into the best they can be. I strive to be a teacher who sees the potential in every learner and give them the guidance to believe in and achieve their potential.
I currently have a BA Degree Majoring in Afrikaans and History as well as a PGCE, Cert. (Afrikaans and History).

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My name is Alison Titus. I have been in the teaching profession for just over 3 decades, half of which has been spent at Livingstone High. I am a senior English teacher and currently am also teaching Life Orientation to a junior grade. I have always believed in the holistic development of learners and consequently am the Teacher Liaison Officer for the RCL and facilitator of the  Co-exist Society.  I obtained my Academic and Professional qualifications from UCT.



Hi Sedicka, am sending an updated photo. Please use this one and not the one taken last year. Bio : I'm Colleen Boughwan, an educator, facilitator and mentor. I've been in education for thirty years, two of which have been spent at Livingstone High School.I teach Life Sciences and Natural Sciences. I strive to create an interactive, exploratory and challenging dynamic in which students can learn  about the natural world and human physiology.

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My name is Asha Lalla. I am a Senior English Teacher at LHS. I have during my tenure, taught English to Grades 8-12.

I am currently teaching grades 10 and 12.

I believe in holistic education, which seeks to engage all aspects of the learner, including mind, body and spirit. I am also intent on promoting multi-cultural awareness, gender sensitivity and racial engagement. I believe that an educator's mission is to make school interesting,  enjoyable and fulfilling.

I have been Head of the English Department since 2018 and Acting Academic Head since the beginning of 2021.

I am also a Drama specialist and an accredited Speech and Elocution coach. I enjoy lending  my expertise to my learners.

1. Bachelor of Paedagogics : University of Durban Westville.
2. Bachelor  of Education: UNISA



My name is Amy Cogill. I have 8 years teaching experience. I teach History grades 10 to 12. I am passionate about my learners and wanting to see them succeed and prosper. I believe that being an educator is part of my destiny. Our learners are precious and one day will be contributing members of society at large. I am the History subject leader, I serve on LHS governing body, I am part of the senior management and an acting HOD. I am the Grade 11 Grade Leader. I am part of the disciplinary committee too. I currently have a B Soc. Sci. degree and PGCE majoring in History.

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My name is Shirage Davids. I have 40 years teaching experience, 14 of which is being part of the Livingstone high family. My passion is art which is why I teach gr8 and gr9 Creative Arts (Visual Art component) and Visual Art to gr 10,11 and gr12. I regularly enter our art learners in art competitions so that they can benefit from the experience. I am also involved in the Chess club at school as well as the photographic society. We are also going to start a comic book society soon. LSTD. BA (Fine Art)


Subject Head - Life Orientation

My name is Linda Matomela. I have been teaching Life Orientation, Creative Arts and isiXhosa. I have more than 20 years of teaching experience. I am the school Co-ordinator and Chairperson for Learning and Teaching Support Material. I also head up Life Orientation and Creative Arts Departments. I am also assistant Co-ordinator for our Boys Soccer Team. Qualifications: BA(Hon) HDE (PG).

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My name is Mishqah Lalla and I am currently in my 6th year of teaching. I teach Physical Sciences to  grade 10-12. I have a great passion for the subject and I believe the skills that my students will acquire through physical sciences will armour them to succeed beyond their schooling years. I am currently involved in WCED tutoring, and a programme called 100UP at UCT. I completed by BEd Degree in specialisation majoring in Physical sciences and Life sciences followed by my post grad, Honors degree in Leadership and Management which was recently completed. I am also part of the table tennis club, and wellness society and was selected to be the Grade leader of Grade 12 for the current year (2022).



My name is Mogammad Nazier Adhikarie.
I teach Design and Technology, Life Orientation and assisted in the Math, Science and Geography Department. I am Head of Grade 10's and responsible for various other managerial duties. I have over 2O years experience in the Education sector.
I facilitate the activities of agriculture and gardening clubs, running of the robotics and aviation clubs and coach chess. My qualifications are aviation maintenance engineer diploma in education, N3 Mechano technology and Aircraft Maintenance Theory. I believe every child deserves a chance at success and the collective some of all my experiences training in the technical and science fields allows me to help those kids from disadvantaged areas and this is my passion.

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Acting Deputy Principal - Pastoral
I have over 30 years teaching experience of which 16 years is at Livingstone High. I am a Geography specialist educator. As I am the convener for the Environmental Society, I love challenging and empowering learners to make a positive, caring contribution to a changing society, promoting growth of character. I also promote equipping learners and staff members with the skills needed for an ever-changing world and a passion for a lifetime of learning. I also belong to the Admissions Committee, Disciplinary Committee and School Governing Body. I am the Covid-19 Co-ordinator and Safety Officer.



My name is Stephen Arendse. Those who know me call me “Mr. A.”
I have been teaching music since 2005. I became a very proud member of the Livingstone Family in 2021.
Music has been my life since 1990. It got me to UCT in 2001. It has taken me to SIX continents while working on cruise ships for about 5 years as showband pianist. During that time, I crossed paths with many great musicians, home and abroad.
One of the major highlights of my career was playing at a ceremony honouring the late Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu in 2018.
Having worked with many, MANY great musicians out there, I can honestly say that the talent displayed by our Livingstonians far surpassed even the very best!

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I am L. Hendricks and I have 42 years of teaching experience in different subjects like: Afrikaans, LO and Civil Technology. Currently I'm teaching Afrikaans FAL at Livingstone High for the last 2 years for grades 9 and 10.



I am Farrel Wentzel. I have 13 years teaching experience and 11 years at Livingstone. I teach Grade 8 mathematics and Natural science. I also teach grade 12 mathematical literacy. I am the cricket coach and umpire. I am also an assistant coach for the soccer team. I run the IT of the school. My passion is computer programming and physics (especially energy production, radiation and astronomy). I was part of a multinational team that published in an international journal, Physical Review C (Vol. 104, No. 6). Qualifications: Diploma in Information Technology, BSc Physics, PGCE (Physics and mathematics), BSc (Hons) Nuclear Physics, MSc Nuclear physics (Radiation).

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Subject Head - Additional Languages

BA, HDE. 1989/90. Started at Livingstone in 1997. Became HOD of Afrikaans in 2009. Later reverted to HOD Additional Languages. Started at Livingstone as Afrikaans and Geography teacher teaching Afrikaans, Social Sciences and History on Grade 12 level and also the juniors. Involved in rugby coaching and management for many years. Also involved in SMT, Grade leader and also being class teacher.


Head of Sport

My name is Jonathan Armogam.
I teach Life Orientation and am responsible for PE for the entire school.
I also head up Sport at Livingstone High school.
My passion is assisting learners grow holistically and seeing them develop into the people they are destined to be.
PGCE, B. Comm, Caf D and C Football license, Scottish C football license.

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