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At Livingstone High School, we are committed to providing a quality education based on a strong work ethic that promotes academic excellence, critical thinking and decision-making. We prepare learners to become respectful, informed and responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the development of a just, non-racist, non-sexist democratic society.

Our aim is to create an environment that provides each learner with the greatest possibility to reach his/her full potential in accordance with our creed and mission statement. This entails accepting a Code of Conduct which will govern the behaviour of each learner at the school. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is therefore to establish a disciplined, safe and purposeful school environment, dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of the quality of the learning process.

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100 Lansdowne Road, Claremont, Cape Town


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+27 21 671 8532

Email: admin@livingstone.

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