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Adiel Kamedien

Class of 1989


Simon Banda

Vice Chair
Class of 1963
Past Principal of
Livingstone High


Zayd Sulaiman

Class of 1989


Husna Dalwai

Class of 1995

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Assist LHS in producing students with a quality education and demonstrate through alumni the benefits of work ethic, academic excellence, critical thinking and decision-making. Through career fairs, career evenings, coaching, mentoring etc.

Demonstrate the values of LHS by encouraging all alumni to be respectful, informed and responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the development of a just, non-racist, non-sexist democratic society. Through socially responsible projects, humanitarian activities and participation in school related volunteer projects.

Our Vision:

Develop the LHS alumni association into a self sufficient and fiscally responsible organisation within the LHS community

Encourage and promote the association to present day students in order to ensure participation in alumni association after graduation • Establish collection, maintenance and cultivation of historic LHS memorabilia to preserve it for future generations • Create and maintain an alumni database with viable contact information

Our Purpose

  • Focus on perpetuating the rich heritage of Livingstone High School by means of documents, publications, speeches, and memorabilia including photographs in the interest of present and future alumni as well as those aligned with the mission and creed of Livingstone High School.

  • Facilitate sharing of information between the school and the alumni

  • Assist with class and school reunions by helping to locate “missing” classmates

  • Facilitate outreach to LHS alumni for contributions. For generating revenue, for special recognitions, scholarships, bursaries, and activities in the advancement of the LHS alumni mission

  •  Acknowledge and recognize distinguished LHS graduates and staff members based on their contributions to society.


Fatieg Salie

FB Group
Class of 1989


Ralia Ganie

Ex officio member
Current Livingstone
High School Principal


Bashir Jafar

IT Administrator
Class of 1985

Social, Marketing & Communications

  • Manage the Alumni database

  • Plan, organize, and run events for the alumni

  • Market the alumni by arranging networking events 

  • Manage Alumni Social Media

  • Assist with the school’s website development

Learner Support

  • Bursary funding

  • Funding of travel costs     

  • Subsidizing the cost of uniforms

  • Subsidizing learning resources

  • Subsidizing additional tutoring in STEM areas

  • Coaching and mentoring students

  • Supporting nutrition programme

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Nikki Hendricks

Chair: Learner
Class of 1980


Alwyn Visagie

Past Principal of
Livingstone High

Our Bank Details

LHS Alumni Association 
First National Bank Cape Town
Account Number 62934296246 
Branch Code: 210554 
For international transfers - Swift Code FIRNZAJJ
Email the Proof of Payment to

NPO Registration: 296-676
PBO Registration: Pending

Our Contact Details

Telephone Calls and SMS Texts +27 69 7
41 1953

Whatsapp +27 69 741 1953

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